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Marketing and Sales Management Simulations

Make Your Class The One Students Remember

Easily Transform Your Class With A Competitive Online Simulation

Increased Course Value

Better Evaluations

Happy Students

Business Classes Without Simulations are a Missed Opportunity

Missing out on students having the opportunity to develop higher level transferrable skills they will desperately need when they get a job.
Missing out on enhancing your current class to raise student engagement and enthusiasm.
Missing out on an opportunity to increase your course value and enjoy the associated pride.

Classes complemented with simulations skyrocket in value.

Better Retention and Learning

Students learn and retain more when a simulation is included in the the course curriculum. Check out the paper at the bottom of this page for supporting evidence.

Better Prepared Students.

And isn't that what we as teachers strive for? Developing young minds so they will competently be prepared to enter the workforce.

Job Satisfaction

Professors report a better sense of accomplishment once they have included a simulation in their class.

We understand the frustration you feel trying to improve your course and not having the right tools at your disposal.

In fact these simulations were developed by a marketing professor who felt just like you.

Over 100,000 students have used our simulations.
Over 500 professors worldwide have used our simulations.
We have been improving the classroom experience for over 17 years.

There is no cost to you or the university
Students pay the ultra low price of only $30

Steps To Success

Get Professor Access

We make the boarding process extremely easy.

Use Simulation In Your Classes

These simulations are incredibly easy to administer. They can be used in both small and mass class sections with equal ease.

Evaluate Course Quality Improvement

Once the semester is over you will be able to see the tremendous impact simulations have on your classes.

Provide a memorable educational experience for your students.

When people think back on their college careers, the courses that stand out are the ones that provide value beyond their academic careers. Our marketing management and sales management simulations introduce transferrable skill sets, that students will use the rest of their lives.

What Our Users Are Saying...

"I am so wedded to MARS as a learning tool that I can't imagine teaching without it."

Terry C. Wilson
"I think that doing the marketing management simulation in my two sections of Principles of Marketing probably saved me when I had to take classes online in two days. I also have a section of Sales Management and that simulation saved that class, too."

Patrick Quinlan
"They found the simulation experience an excellent learning tool that helped them to understand sales force issues and made the course more interesting."

Cathy Owens Swift

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Learn how to get students to engage.
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